What is BMM?

BMM was conceived from the idea of merging advanced technology with an innovative concept of a fully modular building vision.
The vision was to; Create a modular ‘re-useable’ design; Remove the need for heavy building machinery; Significantly reduce conventional build timescales; Reduce costs; Improve quality; High efficiency


Collective Housing, Single Family, Hospitality or Commercial requirements


The resulting research and development cycles succeeded, and exceeded, in all of the aims set out above. The program resulted in a high-quality building system and design methodology adaptable for both housing and commercial builds. The solution can be utilised almost anywhere and with very low execution deadlines and controlled costs offers a very compelling new build solution.BMM is dedicated to building using the most efficient and advanced technologies and has invested significantly into researching this modular concept to develop a commercial system that can easily be adapted to different scales and design considerations. The solution merges metallic structures with composite panels that integrate into an innovative and flexible modular system. The benefits of this technique bring; high efficiency levels, reduced work schedules, lower build costs. All adding up to substantial cost savings in both capital expenditure but also timescales.
With dozens of solutions that can adapt to your needs, either for Collective Housing, Single Family, Hospitality or Commercial requirements, the system delivers in all respects whilst meeting the most demanding European and US directives, integrating only certified quality materials in our buildings, and bringing numerous benefits and advantages when compared to other existing systems in the market.


BMM is the modern alternative to traditional construction techniques in today’s cost-conscious world. Reducing costs and timescales with its simplified construction techniques, the system can be deployed without the need for any heavy plant or machinery. All materials and components of the BMM System can be sourced and produced locally, bringing several advantages for promoters, builders and the local economy.