BMM is an innovative system bringing the best of modular construction to the market. It has the advantage of horizontal and vertical flexibility, allowing creative design solutions. BMM is a quality product with advantages in all of the construction processes; logistics, reduced construction costs, reduced construction schedules and deadlines, and a rapid construction process – resulting in reduced timescales.


Deadlines for Implementation and Construction

In a market as demanding as today’s, where budgets and lead times are becoming increasingly stringent, the BMM can ensure security for investors, not only for high efficiency but also for the excellent business plan that is associated with our product.


A house can be transported in a single container or ‘on edge’ in a small pickup truck. In addition, this same charge may be stored in one container without the need for construction of a store yard for this purpose.
In addition to the simplicity of the transportation the possibility of manufacturing materials within the region, facilitates and reduces the costs for large projects.

Flexibility and Ease of Construction

Flexibility and ease of construction are important points in the implementation of large projects, whether for housing, hospitality or other programs.
The BMM building system allows the investor to have all the flexibility in choosing what kind of capacity and size you want for the project, without being restricted to future changes or extensions, whether in height and / or area. This flexibility makes the investment more secure and attractive.

Construction Values

We believe we have a very competitive modular system.
With numerous advantages in the construction process, the BMM system’s flexibility and low or nil machinery costs add up to a compelling offer. BMM can make savings of more than 30% off the total costs compared to traditional building and LSF –( Light Steel Frame) that account for most modular systems sold worldwide.


ISO, Normas EUA, Normas UE

The BMM system has been subjected to numerous safety tests and functional characterization of the materials used.

These tests were performed using the most innovative techniques, rigorous seal and certification of the prestigious Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Earth Resources of IST-Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon (where testing and certification tests were performed) and LREC – Regional Laboratory of Civil Engineering.

The tests carried out, proved that the materials and the construction system developed by BMM meet all the demanding European and American law requirements;  from a structural point of view, constructive, architectural, security, fire resistance, energy, acoustic and thermal  specifications.


In its 12 years of existence, this prestigious office has several nominations and architecture awards, becoming renowned for its innovative work in constructive systems, information technologies, developed among its national and international partners.
Since 1973, BETAR has developed studies and projects within the Civil Engineering, in particular buildings and bridges, promoting innovation and developing creative solutions in response to the growing challenges of the market, maintaining the same commitment to meet the expectations of its customers.


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Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa

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Laboratório Regional de Engenharia Civil

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Associação para a Formação e o Desenvolvimento em Engenharia Civil e Arquitectura