Single Family Housing

With our system a house can be built with 4 persons, without heavy machinery and without being connected to local infrastructure, within 2 months, at controlled costs, well below the value of traditional construction, making it an excellent choice for investors or first-time buyers. Depending on the type of housing, the materials for a house can be transported in a single container or even a simple “pick-up” truck.


This house was developed to be able to grow alongside a growing family. The base model is composed of a core of 64 m² (with the possibility of being T1 or T2) to which may add one or more modules, balcony or bedroom.

The most basic model is a T1 (64 m²) with very generous areas, consisting of 1 bedroom, bathroom, living room and open-plan kitchen. The T2 (64 m²) is optimized in space usage, has 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room and open-plan kitchen.

The T3 version has an area of 86 m², which has added a fourth module, and a covered balcony. At any time you can add other modules, allowing the house to grow as needed.


T1 / T2

Construction Area: 64 m2
Deployment Area: 64 m2


T1 + module (balcony) /  T2 + module (balcony) / T1 + 1 module (balcony + room) / T2 + 1 module (balcony + room)

Construction Area: 86 m2
Deployment Area: 86 m2


This villa with 173 m² is developed across two floors that divides the unit into private areas (rooms and bathroom) on the top floor and common areas (living room, cloakroom and kitchen) on the ground floor.The base model is a T3 with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, and 2 balconies.

A 45m² living room, extends to a protected area of balcony that enhances the relationship between interior and exterior space, creating very comfortable areas for socializing and living.

A large terrace of 45 m² on the top floor allows for the expansion of the house, which could add 1 or more rooms.



Construction Area: 173 m2
Deployment Area: 112 m2
Typology: T3 / T4


DOURO HOUSE + 1 module

Construction Area: 189 m2
Deployment Area: 112 m2
Typology: T4 / T5


CASA DOURO + 2 module

Construction Area: 205 m2
Deployment Area: 112 m2
Typology: T5 / T6


This villa of 150 m² is also developed across two floors that divide the program into private areas (bedrooms and bathroom) on the top floor and common areas (living room, cloakroom and kitchen) on the ground floor.The base of T3 is a model house, with possibility of adding other modules.

The large living room is directed to a protected area balcony, which enhances the relationship between indoor and outdoor space. The top floor can also be increased, extending onto the 30 m² existent balcony in the base model.

Construction Area: 150 m2
Deployment Area: 90 m2
Typology: T3

premium houses

The Premium Houses combine a competitive price with luxury finish integrated into a contemporary and beautiful design. This collection of designs allows a choice from T1 to T4, in 1 or 2 levels, based on the most sophisticated construction solutions, and with a range of floor-area from 64m2 to 136m2. The BMM premium houses bring luxury homes to a discerning client at affordable prices.


Construction Area: 136 m2
Deployment Area: 196 m2
Typology: T2 / T3


Construction Area: 112 m2
Deployment Area: 144 m2
Typology: T2 / T3